We Salute Our Founding Board Members

Standing L to R: Thomas Kirkpatrick, Rev. Monsignor Walter Madej, Don Cieri, John Ligas, John Brennan, John Bradley;  Seated: Celeste Pylman, Patricia Caprio


Liberty Affordable Housing Inc. Board of Directors have formally announced the appointment of a new Executive Director, Randell Denton on January 1, 2020.

Randell Denton has a Clarkson University degree in Engineering, graduating with honors, extensive experience in real estate, property development,  and business management.  He is responsible for providing leadership and assistance to the Board and staff in project coordination and community relations for the purpose of producing, protecting, and preserving affordable housing.

Liberty Affordable Housing Inc. serves communities with the goal of improving how people live through the use of resources and Liberty, through dedication, develops new affordable housing and substantially rehabilitates and preserves existing housing to provide quality affordable housing.

Randell J. Denton
Executive Director


Donald Davidson 
President, Executive Committee Chair

Patricia Caprio 
Vice President, Executive Committee Member

John F. Buffa
Treasurer, Executive Committee Member

David Collis
Secretary, Executive Committee Member

David Carello 
Executive Committee Member

John B. Ligas  
Past President & Director Emeritus

Rev. Msgr. Walter Madej
Board Chaplain

Timothy Birnie

Frederick T. Griffin

Cindy LaFountain

Mary Rhoades

Christina SanFillippo

Richard F. Sanborn

John Vagianelis

Matthew Nimey


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